Add Custom Logo in WordPress Admin Login Page

If you want to display a custom logo instead of default WordPress logo in wp-admin login page, you need to add following code into functions.php

/*** Change Logo In Admin Login Page With URL And Title ***/
add_action('login_head', 'admin_login_logo');
function admin_login_logo() {
$logoImage = get_theme_mod( 'custom_logo' );
$logoUrl = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $logoImage , 'full' );
echo '
.login h1 a { background-image:url('. esc_url( $logoUrl[0] ) .') ! important; width:120px !important; height:90px !important;}
add_filter( 'login_headerurl', 'admin_logo_redirection' );
function admin_logo_redirection($url) {
return site_url();
add_filter( 'login_headertitle', 'admin_logo_title_attr' );
function admin_logo_title_attr() {
return 'title here';

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